SaralPayroll Dashboard gives access to the administrator a complete insight into SaralPayroll Application. It allows administrator to get an overview on the payroll and associated features of the organization.

Company Management

SaralPayroll Company management allows you to define and manage company related settings like designations, departments, payroll components, leave types and more.

Employee Management

SaralPayroll Employee Management provides an integrated and centralized employee database. It helps your HR department to manage all details of employees in the organization.

Leave Management

Leave Management allows you to manage your employee’s leaves. Using Leave Management employee’s can apply for leaves, their reporting manager/HR can approve leaves and user can view their current leave balance. If there are any unpaid leaves (In case of negative balance) salary is deducted of the employee.

Attendance Management

SaralPayroll Attendance manager allows you to manage employee’s attendance effectively. Attendance data can be imported in SaralPayroll through a CSV upload feature or directly through the individual employee web logins. Once attendance data is updated in the system, it is used up to give out highly intuitive reports.

Claims Management

SaralPayroll Claims Management offers you automated processes for claim management which reduces your effort for claims processing and provides you paperless environment for managing employee claims.
Claims Management allow you to manage employee(s) claims, this includes trip advance and claims, as well as salary reimbursement claims.

Import Manager

SaralPayroll Import Manager allows you to mass import your previous payroll data as well as current data using its CSV import feature, thus allowing administrator to easily manage their payroll information.


SaralPayroll Reporting and Analytics feature enables you to view payroll and associated reports, thus allowing you to view update information related to employee’s payroll. These reports can be downloaded in CSV and excel format. Appropriate filters can be used to generate these reports.


Salary module allows your hr department to generate employee’s salary for the month. Pay slips of the employees can be downloaded from here.